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The installation titled, Breathless (2021), is a continuation into the relation between certain textile-making methods and the process of breathing as similar rhythmic gestures. Specifically methods relating to weaving practices are of significance. 


The physicality and laboriousness of creating, references the body, time and effort. Although connotations of regularity, pattern, repetition and order are present, each work simultaneously hints at the absence, interference and interruption of these notions. At times, only the trace of a motion or of a moment which is no more, is left floating in the present. The intentional use of materials such as charcoal powder, drawn match sticks and candlewick carry symbolic potency – imbuing each work with an awareness of transience & temporality, yet also a sense of permanence & preservation. 


At its chore, the installation contains an underlying whisper of fragility and mortality, as it oscillates between the presence of an absence, and the absence of a presence.

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